Our Handyman Program is available to senior homeowners over age 60 and disabled residents of Proviso Township.

Our Handyman will be available to provide advice and referral on a variety of home maintenance issues. In addition, he will be able to do minor repairs for a fuel surcharge of $5.00 per visit plus the cost of parts, if needed.

Things like a leaky faucet or a toilet that keeps running, replacing the refrigerator bulb or the light at the top of the stairs that you just can’t reach are some examples of the ways in which we can help. We can even hang that new picture of the grandkids or fix that squeaking door hinge.

The Handyman is here to help you do all of those things you used to do for yourself but just can’t manage anymore, all those simple things that can make life just a little brighter. So next time you find yourself frustrated by some annoying problem around the house, don’t get angry, call the Handyman!

For more information, submit the form below or you can reach the Handyman office at 708-547-4001.

Names of our Handymen:

  • Carlos Vilchis - Director of Handyman Program
  • Conte Robinson
  • James Hernandez
  • Yesenia Carrera
  • Davis Williams
  • Christian Villalobos
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